Our resettlement programme supports vulnerable people out of temporary accommodation and into their own tenancies where we help them to learn to live independently and thrive in their own homes. This is often a long process as they struggle to recover from the traumas of homelessness and the issues which initially caused them to become homeless.

We have been supporting Ahmet* for several years he first came to Barnabus when he was sleeping on the streets, degenerative health conditions had been slowly eroding his ability to work for several years and he had slowly been in decline as his finances dwindled and he slipped between the cracks of social services. He eventually found himself at his lowest on the streets of Manchester.

During this time on the streets he was extremely vulnerable being physically disabled and was often taken advantage of. At one point he had his Residents Permit Certificate stolen off him. This was one of his most treasured possessions, it was the only evidence he had of his legal right to live and work in this UK and protecting him from potential deportation.

Even after we supported him through supported accommodation and into his own home it was still a major worry for him that he did not have this document. He could at any moment be wrongfully deported which meant he struggled to settle in his home and set down roots. It also meant that even when his health allowed he could not work.

We have been struggling with Home Office for two years trying get Ahmet’s residents permit sorted. The burden of proof required was extremely high and difficult to reach despite Ahmet never having left the country or done anything to breach the rules of his Residents Permit.

A big part of the problem was that tragically Ahmet was the victim of modern day slavery leaving a big gap in his records. After having his Residents Permit stole from his whilst living on the streets Ahmet was offered an opportunity to work and get accommodation from a man who approached him. Desperate to get off the streets Ahmet accepted, This was not the opportunity it appeared to be and Ahmet found himself being held against his will and forced to work for a criminal organisation in Rochdale.

After 2 years of hard work we are proud to say he has been successful in gathering all of the required evidence and Ahmet finally has a copy of his Residents Permit again. He can now be secure in his right to live, work and be free from the threat of deportation.

Ahmet’s story is a great example of why this long term support is so important to ensuring that our friends succeed in independent living.

*Name has been changed to protect our friend’s identity

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