Congratulations to Liz Thomas at UVMP for winning the FSRH Nurse Spotlight Award, Liz was the first Homeless Outreach Nurse from UVMP to run a clinic at Barnabus’ Beacon Medical Suite. She received this award for her work with women experiencing homelessness who need a non judgemental, pro-active approach to their healthcare and sexual health.

Liz offers accessible, dignified and  effective women’s health care to some of the most marginalised women in  our city who would normally find it too hard to access primary care. These women face huge health inequalities due to being homelessness and mental health issues.

Liz has been an incredible asset to Barnabus’ care offering and has helped countless people who would otherwise have not received any healthcare at all. We are so glad to see her getting the recognition she deserves.

Providing healthcare to people experiencing homelessness has been central to Barnabus’ work since our inception in the 90’s when the top floor of our old double decker outreach bus was a medical suite. We have continued this and have a medical suite in our Beacon Support Centre. Please support our work so we can continue to help people access the healthcare they need and deserve.