The Dwell Project brings the gospel to those without a home, in temporary accommodation, or at risk of homelessness. We offer spiritual support and guidance to help the healing process.

We’re committed to the physical and spiritual wellbeing of those we support. Bringing together church members from across the country, we hope to provide a safe space for people to pray and feel God’s love. At our support centre, our volunteers and staff host a variety of different sessions – from weekly prayer and worship to discovery courses.

We need people like you to join us by volunteering to help us in prayer and worship to help people experiencing homelessness through gods love.

THE LIGHT SESSION - Thursday 12:15pm - 2pm

Our Light sessions provide a safe space for anyone seeking healing through prayer, conversation, and support. We invite leaders from all sorts of different churches to come in and lead these weekly sessions.

OUTREACH - Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2 - 3 hours

We take small teams out to the accommodation settings around the city to offer prayer and reflection sessions to the residents. This is simply making space for people to come be listened to have a chat and if they want to they can get prayer. If you are interested simply email [email protected].

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