Over the last five years we have developed our Resettlement Programme and have supported 93 people in their journey off the streets to ultimately succeed at independent living in their own homes.

We provide person centred support and as a result 87% of our residents leave homelessness behind for good.

We partner with landlords to seek suitable homes and we also now have our own supported housing for people with more complex needs.

Could you join us and help us, to bring about long lasting change to release people from homelessness for good. Sign up by filling out this form.

Imagine What We Could Do Together

We need people like you to volunteer and help us as we support these men and women in their journey. You will help them to adjust to living independently and to learn to manage in their tenancy.

Befriending Volunteer - 2 hours a week (in a team of 2)

  • Meet up with the resident and help them find interests/ hobbies
  • Meet the resident and help them access activities and be a part of their local community
  • Accompanying residents to appointments
  • Joining residents for a trip to the shops or local park etc.

Accompaniment Volunteer - 2-5 hours a week

  • Go out on visits with a Barnabus Housing Support worker to assist them, helping staff to build rapport with the resident
  • Help the resident to accept a befriending volunteer team
  • Help the resident to engage with the wider community and support services

Remote Support Volunteer - 2 hours a week

  • Making phone calls to check in regularly for a chat and to ensure the resident is doing well
  • General check in when a Barnabus Housing worker is unavailable
  • Encourage residents to partner up with the befriending volunteer team and engage with their local community

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