We are in the midst of a homelessness crisis with the numbers of people without a home increasing year on year. As the country prepares for the coming general election Barnabus is asking all UK parties to put housing and the end of homelessness as key issues in their manifestos and their plans for the new government.

The impact of ending homelessness would be monumental for our society. This would end the cycle of traumatisation which thousands of people go through every year. It would free up money at a national and local level because we would no longer need to fund expensive emergency accommodation. It would reduce the health impacts and trauma from rough sleeping which will reduce strain on health care services. Finally, providing secure affordable homes would provide the foundation and opportunity everyone in our country deserves.

We have key asks for the new government in four areas to help make this happen.

Legal housing and homelessness rights

We ask that the next government make passing the Renters Reform Bill a priority. Ensuring renters have more legal protections and more secure homes, which will provide them with security and the ability to thrive in their homes.

We insist that the Criminal Justice Bill be dropped. This bill threatens to criminalise rough sleeping and begging. These acts of desperation and not choice could be punishable with up to a £2500 fine or a month in prison. Instead we ask the new government to focus on the causes of rough sleeping and begging

Quality of housing

We want to see the development of a National Good Landlords network. This will benefit those landlords who do want to help their tenants and to provide them with good quality homes at affordable rents.

Improving the quality of housing must be a priority for the next government – people on low incomes or benefits typically live in worse quality homes which affects their health and mental health. This can lead to people who are already struggling to lose out on work opportunities, training and opportunities. Trapping them in poverty or leading to deterioration in their circumstances and poverty.

Affordable housing

We ask for research into what affordable housing actually is in each region of the UK. This would allow the local housing allowance rate to be set accurately and regularly. Making housing affordable for people living on Universal Credit and preventing people from falling into rent arrears and homelessness.


Homelessness is an extremely traumatic experience that stays with someone their whole life and massively increases their chance of becoming homeless again. We ask the next government to prioritise keeping people in their homes and preventing them from becoming homeless.

We ask the new government to make it a priority to end homelessness for good.