It all started in 1991 with one couple, some sandwiches and a flask of hot coffee. Walking the streets of Manchester, our founder Peter Green could not believe that there were people on his doorstep who had nothing. So, with a little help from his Christian faith, he set out to do something. Luckily, Peter and his wife Beryl had plenty of love – and sandwiches – to share.

A team soon began to grow out of Peter and Beryl’s love and dedication, and the Maranatha Community donated a double decker bus to help with their outreach. In the bible, Barnabas means encourager, and this bus did just that. With a lick of paint, a drop of oil and plenty of love, Barnabus was born.

Peter and Beryl gave everything they had to the charity over 25 years, supporting so many men and women who still remember the couple with affection. Most importantly, those we help today continue to benefit from the unconditional love that Peter and Beryl gave to everyone they met on their amazing journey.