Creative workshops

We believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to express themselves. That’s why we run creative, social and educational sessions at the Beacon. Our homeless visitors can choose to get involved in everything from photography workshops to music therapy, or even creative writing sessions.

The incredible hidden talents of our homeless friends surprise us every single day.  Whether it’s through singing, playing guitar or writing poetry, our visitors get so much joy from these workshops. They don’t just inspire confidence and self-esteem - we also see energy, enthusiasm and teamwork go from strength to strength during these creative sessions.


Recovery Group

Many of the people we serve have addictions that they developed whilst living on the streets and which are preventing them from developing. To help them build new futures we invite them to join us on a Tuesday afternoon for a meeting to begin their journey of recovery through group discussion. 


Prayer and Reflection

This is a safe space for those seeking spiritual healing through prayer. It’s a place where hope can be restored through conversation and support, no matter what race, religion or background our friends come from.

We’re blessed to be supported by many churches and individuals, who often visit us to lead our inspiring sessions. We will never forget the time when almost 20 of our homeless friends attended the God Slot and prayed for Barnabus, our staff and our volunteers. Sessions like this serve as a reminder of why we do the work we do.

We are always open to hearing about how you or your church could sponsor one of our God Slot sessions. To find out more, please email [email protected]


Partner Volunteering Scheme

The people we help often stay in touch and go on to volunteer, work or even run workshops for Barnabus via our Partner Volunteering Scheme. This lived experience of homelessness can be absolutely vital when it comes to giving our friends on the streets the support and care they need.

The unique perspective of someone who has been homeless can help us develop new ideas and services, making sure that we’re always doing the very best we can for those who need us. It also gives our friends who are a little further forward on their journey the opportunity to skill up, whilst nurturing their self-confidence.