We have been supporting Clive who tragically had been choosing to sleep on the streets out of fear after he was threatened with violence at his home, he had no money to afford a move and no way of moving his furniture out of his home if he could afford the move.

Clive's home was a council property and they helped him with a managed move to a new property in Greater Manchester. Unfortunately, it was unfurnished and far from the support services he relied upon meaning that he could not afford to commute back and forth. He returned to sleeping on the streets in the city centre, coming to Barnabus for food, showers and essentials but it was an exhausting, unsustainable life.

Every Wednesday afternoon we host a music therapy session with Nordoff Robbins at the Beacon and one rainy day, Clive attended. Whilst speaking with him about music we found out that he used to play the clarinet, so the music therapist arranged to get a clarinet ready for the next music session. Together we waited eagerly hoping that he would be able to show up and play.

That touched my soul, and I feel calm

A friend who heard Clive play

He did and despite holding a clarinet for the first time in a long time he played, touching everyone in the room touched with the beautiful songs he played. Listen to one of them here!

Further to this, we were able to get Clive some support with his travel costs and using our van we transported all of his furniture to his new home allowing him, finally to move off the streets and into a home again.

Our music sessions have been incredible not only have they allowed people like Clive to reconnect with music and to share their love for it to others in the room, it has also allowed people who have never played an instrument before to learn and make music together. It is a therapeutic activity and also a great way to encourage conversation about music and everyone’s individual memories and experiences surrounding it.

I find music is really therapeutic for me because it helps me express things
without having to talk

A friend who attends our music therapy session

We are also delighted to have been able to quickly intervene to help Clive off the streets, an early intervention is vital to limiting the mental physical tole of rough sleeping. We look forward to supporting him further as he continues to build in his recovery from homelessness.