This week our team went out to a women’s project to host a prayer and reflection session. We were joined by a lady called Mary* who was very new to the project. She was an international student, who had gotten into financial hardship and as a result, experienced depression and anxiety which meant she needed to take a leave from her studies. Sadly, she ended up being kicked off her course until she was able to pay off her debts and lost her housing, which meant that she was left homeless. When she came into the session she was really timid and quiet but had shared that she really loved singing and was a Christian but hadn’t been able to connect with a church for months.

As we began to sing worship songs together, she became visibly uplifted. Enyo, our Dwell Project Leader, then asked if she had any prayer requests, which is when she tearfully began to share her story and her disappointment that, unlike her coursemates who were currently writing their dissertations, she wasn’t able to complete her studies as she had desired. Instead, she was struggling with her finances and mental health and was homeless. Our team began to pray for her and read various psalms of encouragement over her and sang songs about God as our deliverer. One of our volunteers then said that she had been reminded of an old song about how God would make a way, but couldn’t quite remember the lyrics.

In a really beautiful and vulnerable moment, Mary, who said she knew the song, tearfully began to sing out the song “God will make a way” by Don Moen and we were all moved by that fragile but resilient display of hope and faith. As Mary left she thanked us and said that the worship was so important as it released healing for her.

Join us in prayer that God would indeed make a way where there seems to be no way for Mary and that He would help her in her time of need. Pray for financial provision and healing for her mental health and for the restoration of all that has been lost. 

*Mary’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.