Content warning: The following includes references to abuse. 

“We had this really fantastic morning, as I find most of the mornings at Barnabus are. It was just before Christmas, and it almost felt like a present.” 

Liz, NHS Nurse, Urban Village Medical Practice

At Barnabus bringing healthcare to the people we support has always been a priority, In the 90’s we converted the top floor of our outreach bus to be a medical suite and when we purchased our building, The Beacon, we installed a fully equipped medical suite on its top floor. Twice a week we host Liz who is an NHS Nurse with the Urban Village Medical Practice(UVMP). They specialise in homeless healthcare and do great work throughout Manchester bringing healthcare to people who often don’t receive it.

During the winter of 2022, a woman visited our support centre. She came in for some food, some clothes but more importantly would receive potentially lifesaving health checks and treatments.

Liz had first seen her about eight months before at a women’s hostel. She’d been assaulted and needed a sexual health screening – which thankfully came back negative. She was also concerned about her next smear test. But, after that first visit, Liz didn’t see her again for several months. 

Then, just before Christmas, Liz saw the woman again at an early morning breakfast session at Barnabus and they spoke about getting some medical treatment that day. After her warm meal, she headed to the National Express bus station just around the corner to get out of the cold whilst waiting for the medical suite to open for the day. 

She was exhausted from a night on the streets and fell into a deep sleep sitting on a hot water pipe. 

Fortunately, a stranger saw her slumped over and, concerned, woke her up and kindly bought her a coffee. And it’s a good job he did, as she was on the brink of getting scolded by the hot pipe. 

This simple act of kindness by a stranger saved her from potential burns and woke her up just in time to access the healthcare she needed from Barnabus’ medical suite.

At the centre, Liz gave her a smear test, another sexual health check, an asthma review, and a prescription for her inhalers. 

One of the fantastic things about the medical suite at Barnabus is that it’s private and dignified. You have an examination coach and equipment. You can do lots of clinical things with people in an environment where they feel comfortable. Being comfortable is such an important element of this, as without our friends feeling in a space and place of mind where they want to engage with healthcare, they likely won’t.

Liz, NHS Nurse, Urban Village Medical Practice


Make A Difference In Someones Life

At Barnabus, we work hard to build trust and relationships with people dealing with homelessness. We take the time to remember everyone’s names, interests, and stories – even if they’ve only visited our Support Centre once. This ensures that those who visit us feel welcome. We also provide access to a shower and clean clothing before anyone visits our medical suite so that they feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Of course, we couldn’t provide these services without the help of our staff, donors, and volunteers. Just a few hours of your time could make a big difference.

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