It's such a joy and privilege to get to minister to our friends who are experiencing homelessness in Greater Manchester.

We have so many testimonies of how God continues to draw people to His love  and have seen how He has pursued many individuals throughout the pandemic. We've seen people's lives transformed, people healed and people genuinely hungry to know more about Jesus.

Just this week we were able to connect with a guest *John* during outreach, who was feeling lost in his faith journey and isolated. As we sang worship John lifted his hands to the Lord and his whole countenance changed. Part way through the session John asked if Enyo our Dwell Project Leader could sing "Who He Says I Am." by Hillsong and shared how much that song meant to him. As we sang the chorus together, "I am chosen, not forsaken. I am who He says I am", we could feel the tangible love of God and His presence of peace and healing power. It was a powerful reminder to us all why we do what we do.

The Dwell Project exists to create space and facilitate encounters with a loving God and Father, for those who have been hurt or who feel forsaken. Our heart is to see their identies as children of God restored and redeemed. We hope that through these regular outreaches we will be able to lead people into God's love-teaching them how to abide and thrive in His presence.

*We have changed the name of our guest to John to protect his privacy. *