At a recent God Slot, we had an amazing encounter with one of our guests who had come into the session carrying some heavy things that had happened to her during the week. Despite always coming because she felt welcomed and safe- she was still experiencing some shame and was afraid to share what had happened to her that week because she felt embarrassed. She didn’t know what we would think and from previous encounters with religion had assumed we might judge her or think less of her.

“Fortunately, we had the amazing Michelle from our incredible partners Manchester City Mission and St Phillips with us, and she shared her powerful testimony of how God took her out of a life of darkness and transformed her from the inside out. Her boldness encouraged our guest, who then felt safe and comfortable enough to share her story with us. We were able to pray for her and encourage her and reaffirm that in God’s kingdom there is no more condemnation and that He loved her regardless and nothing could disqualify her from that love. She began testifying that she had never felt so accepted and that just by sharing it, her burden that she had been carrying felt much lighter! 

It is moments like these that we truly cherish as a team at Barnabus. Our hope is that as we continue to share the love of Christ with our guests, that they would feel empowered and accepted not just by us but by their Heavenly Father. We pray that this truth found in Romans 8:1 would become a reality in their lives. There is NO condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus! *insert pic of a man holding no condemnation sign*”

This testimony is yet another reminder of the importance of partnership and unity in the Church for the healing and restoration of those that we serve.