Our Resettlement Tenancy Project is just one of the initiatives that we have in place when people come to us for support. Typically, when someone gets in touch or is referred to us, we’ll provide them with a resettlement worker or a case worker. Over a period of time, our case workers will aid recovery, enabling and equipping individuals so that they can thrive independently and feel secure in their home. Not to mention be connected and part of their community.

We’re so proud to be able to offer new beginnings and hope for the future via our Resettlement Tenancy Project. Here are two of our latest success stories…

Caring for individual needs

We’ve recently helped a lady who was very vulnerable. With a history of abusive, controlling relationships, she ended up rough sleeping - after looking for an escape. Initially, she stayed in a women’s shelter but struggled to cope because of personal reasons.

Upon hearing this, we placed her into more suitable accommodation. Over the coming weeks, we continued to support and work alongside her - referring her to one of our resettlement tenancies. Already, the change in this lady has been incredible. She’s almost unrecognisable to how she first came in. Since living in her tenancy, she’s found the confidence to apply for work and is now working full-time in a care home.

Supporting during the pandemic, and beyond

Unfortunately, world events have significantly impacted lives all around. We met a man who had become homeless during the pandemic. After losing his job, he and his partner couldn’t cope with lockdown, and their long-term relationship broke down. As a result, he hasn’t had any access to his children.

 We found him sleeping rough with his dog, so took the decision to refer him to a low-needs supported accommodation. We’re now moving him into one of our resettlement tenancies with a landlord we have a good relationship with. They’ve even agreed for him to have his dog which is fantastic news all-round!

How you can help

At Barnabus, we’re always looking for suitable homes and tenancies for people who have experienced homelessness. So if you’re a landlord, and would like to help, please get in touch. We’re also hugely grateful for companies that sell home or kitchenware and would like to donate some goods. Either way, please email [email protected].

You can also donate via our website: https://www.barnabus-manchester.org.uk/. We really do appreciate every little help and know that, together, we can end the revolving door of homelessness.