While some may be winding down for Christmas, our resettlement team have been busier than ever. In the last three weeks alone, they’ve housed seven people into their own private tenancies.

For some of these seven people, it’s been years since they last had a home of their own so we’re delighted to make this happen in time for Christmas.

In our latest blog, we explore how our team have been able to achieve this.

Out on the street

Often, our resettlement team work with people who visit the Beacon or people we get to know throughout our work in the city. However, we also help people who may have been housed in temporary accommodation by another organisation or the council, and are still homeless but fortunately off the streets.

We’re so proud to have built up good relationships with a range of landlords in Manchester. This means we’re able to offer people - who we think are ready for it - the chance to move into their own tenancy. Our support doesn’t stop when they get their keys either as we continue to be part of the process as they move into their new home, and beyond.

Continuous support

We met Ben when he was living in a hotel, housed by Manchester City Council. Despite having previously lived with his mother for five years, after a falling out, he was asked to leave and spent many nights sleeping on the streets. As a vulnerable adult, we knew we needed to support him.

Our support worker, Aimee, helped Ben to apply for housing benefits - something he had struggled to do in the past. We were also able to find him a flat with a good landlord. With housing benefits, he was able to pay the deposit and move in quickly. We supported him with the move, giving him essential items - such as bedding and kitchen utensils.

Assisting independence

Ben had struggled to live with his mother, however they remained close. With Ben settled in his own tenancy, they were able to rebuild their relationship. Now, with their independence and personal space, they’re spending time together, meeting up and their relationship is blossoming once again.

Stories like this are a great example of how we’re able to support people who may not be obviously homeless but are still in a moment of crisis and in need of a helping hand to move on with their lives.

Our resettlement team wouldn’t be able to do what they do without your help. So, if you’d like to support us, visit our website. It really does make a difference.