From the moment we started planning to reopen in the post lockdown world we were faced with daunting costs. The changes we need to make to our premise to protect those we serve, our volunteers and staff would incur massive costs and then there are the constant ongoing costs of PPE as well. Responding to the crisis caused by the Coronavirus had already caused us to spend more than we had budgeted for and the thousands of pounds that we expected to spend before we could reopen were a serious concern for us.

However, our corporate supporters answered the call and we are blown away by the repeated offers of support we have had, allowing us to reopen sooner and more sustainably. We have had donations of face masks and visors, that will be used by our staff and volunteers, from the amazing SHS partnership, ARUP and Altrincham Open studios. Purchase of PPE is a cost we had not budgeted for and now with the lockdown we are restricted in the fundraising we can do so a donation of face masks like these will make a huge difference to our work with those who find themselves homeless in Manchester during this pandemic.

Our work with people experiencing homelessness is centred personal care and support so COVID 19 has brought unprecedented challenges to a small charity like ourselves. We have had to rethink how we layout our premises so that we can still give those who need it most face to face support. This means we had a need for Perspex screens and desk guards, The Coop who have supported Barnabus for many years introduced us to their supplier ITAB who immediately offered us custom made Perspex screens.

Finally we needed a solution to a unique problem caused by our premises; our guests will need to wash their hands before they enter the Beacon to reduce the risk of spreading diseases like COVID 19. This was again provided through the support of ARUP. We are now very close to reopening our premises and returning to some form of normal and while like so many organisations no aspect of our work will be unaffected by the changes caused by COVID19 we are excited to meet the new challenges it will bring.

We could not be more thankful for the people and companies who have supported our efforts to reopen in a way that is safe for our friends, volunteers and staff. In the next month we will be dedicating a week to thanking everyone who has gone above and beyond to support us through this Crisis and beyond. Could you or your company support people experiencing homelessness through fundraising or donating items that we need to operate?

Please contact [email protected]