This week is Trustees Week and to celebrate all the hard work trustees do around the world, we interviewed John Price ,our Chairman of Trustees at Barnabus to find out how he became a trustee and what it means to him.

Barnabus’ trustees are vital to the work we do, overseeing the work the charity does to ensure we’re accountable and providing the very best to our friends.

How did you find out about Barnabus?

“It was back in the late 90’s, the founders of Barnabus, Peter and Beryl Green, went to the same church as me. So I heard them speak about the work Barnabus did and I wanted to get involved. I heard that they needed some help to keep their accounts up to date. By that time the charity had significantly grown in size since its humble beginnings. They were managing the street outreach and the accounts became much more intricate and time consuming to manage. As I had a background in bookkeeping I said I would volunteer and help sort this out for them. My involvement with Barnabus grew from there and I got more and more involved in supporting their work in the City.”

When did you become a trustee and why?

“In 2002 I was asked to join the board of trustees. I accepted the offer to become a trustee as I believed it was where I was being led by God and my Christian faith to best support the people experiencing homelessness in Manchester. I have been a trustee for almost 20 years now and seeing the continued growth of Barnabus and all the people that we have been about to support off the streets into a home, I am continually assured that I made the right decision.”

What does being a trustee mean to you?

“I enjoy seeing Barnabus and the services it provides continue to thrive and conduct its work according to its principles that it was founded on, that the men and women we serve are as best provided for as possible and given the best possible choices and opportunities and making sure that our staff are managed and supported well and that God’s love is extended to all.”

What do you hope for the future of Barnabus?

“My dream would be that there would be no one homeless sleeping rough on streets of Manchester.
I know that is a long way off, there is much to do and it may not occur in my lifetime.”


Thank you to John and all our trustees, it is brilliant to have their support, continued drive, passion, integrity and expertise guiding our work and the support we provide to our friends.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a trustee of Barnabus and in particular have experience in Law, we would love to hear from you. Please email [email protected].