Charity Sponsored Skydive – Dates available January - October

Take part in an exhilarating 11,000 or 15,000 foot tandem skydive and experience a thrilling adrenaline rush, reaching 120 mph!

You can choose any date to suit you or drop us an email as we may have other groups booked in during the year for you to join. 

We’ve had some amazing experiences supporting our staff and supporters at Black Knights Parachute Centre and also Skydive Northwest and if geographically these are in the wrong area, we’re sure there will be other Skydive Centres near you.

The average cost of a skydive is approx £270pp usually including a non refundable deposit of £50. You will also need to pass certain health checks to skydive, each skydive centre will have information about this.

Option 1 –Self Fund Method
The total cost to jump is usually £270 this includes a non-refundable deposit of £50
If you choose to pay the self fund method then every penny of the sponsorship money you raise will go towards helping our vital work with the homeless.

Option 2 - Jump for just £50 (non –refundable deposit)
Approx costs are £270 in total (including the deposit) to do a skydive, however we know not everyone can afford to self fund this amount.

All we ask is that you pay the £50 deposit and raise a minimum of £435* in sponsorship, a portion of the sponsorship you've raised can then pay the £220 balance of the cost of your skydive.

*As long as you have raised a minimum of £435 evidenced through an online giving page or already received banked donation. Barnabus can arrange to pay the balance of £220 direct to the Sky Dive company on your behalf before the day of your jump. However If the minimum sponsorship is not raised prior to the event, any shortfall will need to be paid by the participant.

Those who wish to, can also personally pay any amount towards the £220 balance ensuring that as much money as possible is raised through sponsorship to help the homeless.

Booking for this event has now closed.