Barnabus has supported people on their journey off the streets and into homes and bright futures for over 30 years and we plan to carry on doing this for as long as people need our help. Thank you for your compassion and support for people experiencing homelessness in our city, our work would not be possible with out your dedicated patronage.

You can continue to support Barnabus and the people we serve into the future through a legacy gift in your will. This is a tax free donation that will ensure that our work can continue for many more years transforming countless more lives.

We are not asking you to put Barnabus above your family or loved ones there wellbeing and financial security should always be your first priority. But, just a few percent of your estate would make a huge difference to Barnabus and our work.

Free Wills

Through a partnership with Free Wills we are able to offer our supporters a free will writing service that will produce a will for you free of charge. You will be ask during this process if you would like to leave any money to Barnabus but this is completely optional.

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