Seeing how people and their communities have come together to support each other through this COVID19 pandemic has been a true source of happiness during these challenging times. Altrincham Open Studios are a great example of this, they crowdfunded so that they could use their facilities to make visors for paramedics, hospitals, GP surgeries and now also schools and charities.

Using their lazer cutter, expertise and a team of volunteers they have produced thousands of masks to give away for free to those who are at risk through this crisis. The team are working day and night from 5am to 3am cutting the pieces for the masks and they are then assembled by a small army of volunteers.

We have just received a donation of 44 visors for our staff and volunteers so that we and the people we support can keep safe, this is especially important as our friends often have vulnerable immune systems. We would also like to thank our friends at Arup one of our supporting corporate companies who responded to our need for PPE supplies, they introduced us to  Altrincham Open Studios and are also helping to support us in other ways during this Crisis. We know our PPE needs will continue to increase so this donation is incredibly important.

Since the start of lockdown we have prepared, cooked and delivered over 15,000 meals to rough sleepers self isolating  in emergency accommodation as well as providing food and food parcels to vulnerable families and people experiencing homelessness in Manchester. Our support team have been working remotely to help people through the stresses of this rapid change in their circumstances while still working to house people who are becoming homeless during this crisis.We are planning to reopen our premises this month, to be able to offer face to face support and advice for housing, health, drug and alcohol dependencies, universal credit and opening bank accounts. Sadly many people are in need of this support to help them get off the streets and build new lives, this donation will be a vital support to keep everyone safe as we do re-open. We’re so thankful to all our supporters  by working together we know we can continue to transform lives and bring hope.