This week our patron Ricky Hatton (three time boxing world champion) came along to donate loads of much needed items to us and spend some time with our friends in the Beacon. We are so lucky to have Ricky's long term support year after year, he is always a welcome sight when he arrives with his car full to the brim with donations.

Ricky always says that what he likes best is coming in to our drop in to chat with our friends. Christmas can be an especially lonely time of year for our friends so it is very important to us that they know they can come to our drop in for a chat and a brew throughout the week as well as all of the practical support available to them.

If you think you could help us throughout next year please consider setting up a regular donation, this will allow us to help our friends get off the streets and into homes of their own.

Please check out Ricky's website here: