Chameleon supported us in 2019 as their chosen charity for the year they fundraised, volunteered, donated practical items and a whole group of them jumped out of a plane and skydived for us. They were going to choose another charity this year but instead they decided to continue their support to help us through this crisis. Like so many companies their offices are closed and their staff are working from home but this hasn’t stopped Chameleon's enthusiasm to support us and they’ve been considering new ways to come together virtually during lockdown to help us.

They came up with a brilliant #Brew4Barnabus campaign encouraging staff to take a quiet moment over a coffee or cup of tea to consider some of the ways that life during lockdown has saved them money and instead choose to donate the money they would have spent to support our work. Whether it's a trip to the cinema, petrol money for commuting, gym membership or a round at the pub, these donations have already raised £320 to support our work with people experiencing homelessness. They were then asked to share a selfie holding their brew to enjoy an extra special cuppa with the knowledge that they have helped to make a difference.

We are so thankful that companies continue to support us in whatever way they can through this crisis, even though the way they work has also been turned on its head. We can’t wait to see what else Chameleon have got planned and to also have them back volunteering with us in the future.

If your team or company would like to support our work through this crisis, please get in touch [email protected] or see our other ideas on our website