Whilst the summer brings good weather and the chance to get out and enjoy the sun for most. For people sleeping on the streets hot weather poses a serious threat to their health , it can be difficult to find drinking water, cool showers and cool spaces to spend time in and without storage, people are often wearing extra layers or carrying heavy bags all day. Together these put people at risk of sunburn, dehydration and, in some cases, heat stroke.

We help people experiencing homelessness to cope with the challenges of hot weather by providing, showers, bottled water, sun cream, a respite form the sun in our support centre and sun hats, summer clothing and ice pops (when we have them).

You can help us support people experiencing homelessness this summer by donating:

Bottled water

Sun cream

Sun hats




Jogging bottoms

Alternatively if you do not have these items to donate please consider a one off financial donation or set up a monthly donation to keep our services running. All of our work empowers people experiencing homelessness into a home.