We met Sandra from Real Film Productions at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre where we were showcasing the stunning creativity of our Barnabus RENU Upcycling Furniture produced by people experiencing homelessness. Sandra loved the work and was genuinely interested and moved by our work. She took the time to visit all of our projects seeking to understand our work and the messages we wanted to convey.

RF produced a suite of invaluable videos supporting three of our marketing objectives; raising awareness of our activities to those we support, recruiting volunteers and communicating our charitable work to potential supporters. 

Sandra and her team had a wonderful way of putting people at ease; sensitively and appropriately capturing, wonderful real life stories and moments on film.

Sandra had this to say about her experience working with Barnabus “A chance meeting at a Barnabus RENU event at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre 18 months ago introduced me to the world furniture restoration and the fabulous work of Barnabus. I was stunned by the work done at RENU, initially because of the amazing quality and creativity of their restoration work, it instantly caught my eye when I was passing their stall, I could have very happily taken every piece home! Following this up with a chat with Carol about who does the restoration work and how meaningful this work is to those involved and their development I was simply in awe and really wanted to become involved in such a positive project.

Real Film Productions (RFP) has always had a foot on either side of the film and video world, producing commercial work for documentary and corporate clients but also working alongside charities, this is our soul food and what makes it all worthwhile. We have a belief and commitment that contributing to our local community and improving lives is just as important as the work we do in the corporate world. Working alongside Barnabus at RENU then the allotment and the Beacon Centre has been an amazing experience, I’ve learned so much, seen such dedication and been genuinely humbled by the stories and experiences people have shared with me. It has been an absolute pleasure to contribute and work alongside Barnabus.”

We're so blessed and thankful for their understanding, compassion and professional approach resulting in a suite of films we and they can be very proud of. Check out one of the videos she made for us here.