RENU is based at the Message Enterprise Centre in Sharston, where our students are taught how to renovate donated furniture items by restoring them into beautiful and sought-after pieces. We also give our homeless friends the opportunity to work on specially commissioned items – something our students can put their heart and soul into.

We start with a piece of unwanted, shabby-without-the-chic furniture, and we give our friends the skills to upcycle it. At RENU, not only do our students get to be creative, but we’re giving them a platform to work, gain confidence and employability skills. This gives them genuine employment opportunities, as well as a chance to talk to someone who listens. These are huge things when you’ve been sleeping on the streets of Manchester - and it’s amazing to see the transformation at the end.

 “I've never been told that I'm really good at something that I've never done before.” — James Hague

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