Havas Lynx Group are a corporate partner and have supported us faithfully for many years with pro bono; branding, communications and graphics as well as volunteering and donations. As a charity committed to serving those in need, corporate support such as pro bono or gifts in kind ensure we can use our charitable funds for our aims; supporting rough sleepers, people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness. We’re so grateful for Havas for the invaluable support they give us, we’re thankful for our relationship and their support so that we can continue to raise funds through this crisis and beyond to #endhomelessness in our City.

During this time of lockdown Havas’ offices are closed and their staff are working from home but it didn’t stop the Creative team at Havas Lynx Group from wanting to support our work. Lydia one of their talented creatives had this to say.

Our work with Barnabus

We first started working with Barnabus around 5 years ago on the RENU project, and we’ve always kept Barnabus in our minds since. So, when Barnabus contacted us a few weeks ago we were thrilled to be able to help in any way possible. Though we can’t get out to fundraise, and events have been put on hold, we can still all find a way to help those in need. We knew we could help by donating our time and creativity to try and drive donations.

We answered the initial brief with a suite of Easter themed e-cards, illustrated by our senior creative, Alanna Chamberlain. But we wanted to help beyond Easter, so we sent a brief to our friends at B&A, to see if any illustrators would be able to help with our project. The response we got was incredible, with three illustrators and one creative agency donating their time and outstanding talent to create 10 bespoke illustrations as well as 4 bespoke animations for Barnabus. No project has felt more worthwhile than this, and everyone involved in this work has been so grateful to help such a hard-working, brilliant charity.

We’d love to mention the lovely artists who have worked on this project: Tom Jay, David & Izzy Doran, Bobby & Kate from Telegramme, and Bewilder.