A huge thank you to NSL for four years of amazing support, NSL run the ticket wardens in Manchester. This week they came in with loads of clothes their staff had collected and a huge cheque for £756.

They look to support local charities wherever they operate, they found Barnabus by chance having seen us working in Manchester city centre. Homelessness was a cause they cared a lot about and saw everyday as their staff worked on the streets of Manchester.

NSL knew that they had a unique way to support our work, going above and beyond donating money and collecting food and clothing, NSL offer pathways to employment for our friends who were ready to return to work.

NSL believe that everyone deserves a second chance and know that sadly many employers are hesitant to employ people who have recently been homeless as they have gaps in their employment history and are seen as “risky” to employ. NSL want to help people on their journey to a better life and are happy to offer them the opportunity as long as they are “honest and open, we are happy to help them and support them as they return to work”. The staff and managers at NSL have been great at welcoming our friends into their team, helping to train them and get them settled in.

Barnabus’ Head of Support Stephen Rowley believes that many of our friends who have been through NSL’s doors would not be in the happy and stable positions they are now without NSL taking a chance and offering them full time employment. It is not only a financial boost for our friends but it offers them the chance to meet new people in their colleagues and gives them a re3ason get out of their home every day with a purpose. For many people employment is an important final step in their journey out of the cycle of homelessness and we are so thankful for the staff at NSL for offering this to our friends.