The students attending our RENU Upcycling Furniture enterprise are producing some amazing work, and it’s astonishing to see the positive changes taking place in their lives. The 10 week course provides the perfect setting for our friends to gain confidence and skills. It also gives us a unique environment to discover their aspirations, to see if they’re ready to consider employment, or if they might be ready for their own tenancies.

One of our students, ‘J’, was homeless. We referred him into shared supported accommodation, where he enjoys living and has made some good friends. ‘J’ feels that RENU has built his confidence, and he has developed new skills in a field he never would have considered before. He has really exceled on the course too – the Ercol chair he worked on (shown here) came in scuffed, marked and badly painted. But, he restored it back to its natural wood, and we’re pleased to say it was soon sold and given a new home.

‘J’ feels RENU has given him a new mindset to look further afield for employment, rather than just in IT like he used to. He would now love to work with furniture, and he has been greatly inspired to set up his own business and workshop one day. RENU has given him the drive and confidence to move on to greater things. We also take in commissions at RENU, often from regular or returning customers. The piano stool below was one such item, It was stripped, sanded, stained and varnished, then recovered in a beautiful wool tartan fabric. If you would like to find out more please email [email protected] or shop and see our full range