In trustee’s week we celebrate the skills, knowledge and experiences each trustee brings to Barnabus and how their collective decision making ensures we are working as best we can to deliver our charitable objectives now and for many years to come. They are also a wealth of guidance and support that our staff can draw on, to thrive in their roles.

We spoke to some of our trustees about why they became trustees and what it means to them.

Sarah Lavelle, Trustee

I had worked in Manchester city centre for several years and was struggling with walking past homeless people, and doing little about it, on a daily basis. I found out about Barnabus and for a few years volunteered on one of the teams serving from the Beacon on a mid-week evening.

Yvonne (CEO) and the team act passionately and innovatively to change the lives of the city's homeless - to help them move off the streets and learn useful skills to stay off the streets.  It felt like an obvious decision to support Barnabus as a trustee when I moved back to Manchester years later. I love that I can be part of, and bring a different perspective to, a Board with an already impressively varied skillset whilst supporting a Christian organisation which is dedicated to supporting and bringing hope to people in our city who really need it.

Steve Best, Chairman of Trustees 

At Barnabus Manchester we have an amazing team of staff, backed by an amazing team of trustees! 

Our trustees are from different backgrounds and have different skillsets - they come together because of their faith and shared aim in giving hope to the homeless.

We would like to say a big thank you to our whole Board of Trustees for their dedication and hard work, steering the Barnabus ship so that together we can transform lives as we guide people on their journey off the streets into homes of their own.